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Florida Bathroom Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Comfy35 Cleaning Service is on a mission to redefine excellence in residential cleaning services across Florida. With a commitment to professionalism, a cutting-edge approach backed by high-tech equipment, and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, we're setting the bar higher for clean, healthy homes.

Florida Commercial Office Cleaning Service
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With expertise in all aspects of commercial cleaning, Comfy35 is committed to maintaining your workplace's cleanliness. Explore our standard services in our Commercial Cleaning Services Policy, and request a free quote today to experience the Comfy35 difference.

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Florida Home Organization Service


We are a professional organizing company dedicated to providing lasting solutions for a clutter-free home. Our experts devise effective systems tailored to your needs and your family's lifestyle. Discover more on our organizing service policy page or request a free quote today!

Florida Spring Cleaning Service
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Spring cleaning may sound like a daunting task, but it's all about organizing and tackling those tough chores. Rest assured, our experienced team is here to handle it all. Take the first step towards a cleaner home by requesting a free quote today. Click here to learn more about Comfy35's cleaning service policy.

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Florida After Party Cleaning Service Team
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We offer a variety of cleaning services to meet your needs. Please select the specific service you require when filling out the quotation request form.

Garage Cleaning & Organization Service

Turn your cluttered garage into a clean, well-organized space with our experienced team. We handle the cleaning, remove unwanted items, and create an efficient and long-lasting organizational system.

Ironing Service

Ironing can be a mundane task that few enjoy. We've all experienced the morning rush when a wrinkled shirt or blouse is the last thing you want to deal with. Comfy35 is ready to get such duties.

Pressure Washing 

Transform your property with our expert pressure washing service, removing dirt, mold, and grime with precision and care. From driveways to siding, we deliver exceptional results, leaving your surfaces refreshed and inviting.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Experience a carpet transformation with our state-of-the-art machinery and effective cleaning solutions. Our efficient drying process saves you time and money

Comprehensive Deep Cleaning for Kitchens & Private Areas

When it's time for a thorough cleaning to promote a healthier living environment, you need more than just surface cleaning. Our deep cleaning services target those hidden, hard-to-reach areas, ensuring the removal of stubborn dust and dirt.

Other  Cleaning Services
Sensitive people for cleaning chemials

Do You Have Chemical Sensitivities?

If you have specific preferences or sensitivities to cleaning chemicals and wish to use your own, please inform us when booking our service. We will accommodate your preferences accordingly.

Florida Furniture Cleaning Services

Standard Service Definitions

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To streamline your booking experience, we have outlined our standard cleaning procedures for living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more in 35 comprehensive steps. We have also provided details of services that are not included in any booking package.


Mary H. - Key West, FL -

"I gotta give a big shoutout to Comfy35! Thanks to them, my house is squeaky clean now. Their crew was amazing, and they didn't miss a beat. I highly recommend giving them a try!"
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